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                                         Hogspore News from the Ozarks
                                                             By Clet Litter
                                       Strained lumbar leads to discussion
  I was talking with Hardy Barkins over to Bickum’s Hardware. I sez, "I hurt my back a
while ago. Doc Spicer speculated that I’d strained my lumbar spine, but I’m doing fine

  He said, “I’m glad you’re feeling better. That can pain you for a while. Yeah,
I sprained mine when I was a kid.”

  “I never heard about it. Course, you grew up in Texas, so I reckon I don’t know about
you from that time.”

  “Yep, I got out of school at 16, and joined the rodeo. That’s where I hurt my lower

  I sez, “That’s a might early at 16. Were you gifted?”

  Hardy offered, “Naw, my elementary school principal thought it would be best if
I left. I was 16 and still in the fourth grade.”

  “Did you make a lotta F’s?”     

  “Actually, my grades weren’t as high as F’s, and I was much taller and older than
the other kids.”

  I sez, “They likely kicked you out cause you mighta started dating some of them young
girls in your class.”

  Hardy said, “Nope, it was for my own good. There was a couple of twin lady teachers
that wanted to carry me to their house to tutor me. It probably didn’t help that their
daddy was my principal.”

  I asked Hardy, “Do recollect where you injured your lumbar spine? Was it the L-1, L-2,
L-3, L-4, or L-5?”

  “It was in Texas, but I think I get what you’re asking. It was L-Paso.”

  I woke up this morning hearing a hundred chain saws whining outside. It sounded like
a film crew was shooting a documentary on the dwindling rain forest, clearing land for a
South American convenience store with six flavors of Blurpees or maybe just making
kindling wood for cooking fires. It ain’t no coincidence that dwindling rhymes with

  I found out later that we had a tornado run on down through here last night.
There weren’t no injuries, but we lost a lotta trees. It reminded me of Christmas a
few years ago when Grimely’s Tractor Sales and Farm Equipment had a half price sale.
Every adult in town got a gift chain saw.  

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