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                                                            Hogspore News from the Ozarks
                                                                               By Clet Litter
                                                                Timeshare in the doghouse

    Sara Suspenders awarded her husband, Jimmy, a one-week timeshare in the doghouse starting tonight.
Here’s Jimmy’s side of it. “Every morning Sara gets up, drinks her coffee, and watches two of her favorite
30-minute old TV shows. She won’t watch commercials, so she pauses the show. After a couple
of minutes, she’ll fast-forward and get to her show again.

    I thought I’d do something nice for her, so I taped all her favorite programs on the DVR thing for a
month. Now, she can sit back, fast-forward through the ads, and continue her entertainment enjoyment.

    I give her the good news this morning; her favorites are now recorded, but she said she’ll go ahead and
watch them live, commercials and all.

    I said, ‘It don’t seem logical. Why can’t you watch the taped shows?’ Thinking back on it, I still
weren’t in trouble, so I shoulda stopped … but I didn’t.

    ‘Jimmy, I just want to sit here, drink up my coffee, and sorta veg out for an hour while I wake up.’

    I blurted out, ‘Sara, You’re being stubborn. You disagreed, only to spite me. That’s what I call stubborn

    That’s when I won my one-week backyard vacation.”

    Old Man Grimely was complaining. “The older I get, the more I worry. I’m real tired of fretting over
everything. I gonna start acting like that young gal in ‘Gone with the Wind,’ Scarlet O’Hara. When I get to
worrying, I’ll say to myself, ’Fiddle-De-Dee,’ and go on with my life.

    The only problem I got being Scarlet O’Hara is, even though I look good in them, I don’t like wearing the

    We celerbrated our wedding anniversary on November 2nd. When someone meets my wife for the first
time, they chime in with, “Clet, how’d you wrangle Punkin to marry you? Did you make a deal with the

    I smile and sez, “No I didn’t sell my soul to get her … but I would’ve.”

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