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                                            Ten-year anniversary of the Hogspore News         
                                                  By Clet Litter as told to Bob Simpson
                                       Pancake feed raises money for childless parents
   This marks the ten-year anniversary of the Hogspore News, first place winner of the 2008
National Society of Newspaper Columnists Humor Column.

   Hogspore was a ghost town Saturday. All cane-loving syrup fans was over in Winslow’s Holler at Duncan
Winslow’s Annual Pancake Breakfast. Duncan raised 2,000 dollars for the Winslow’s Home for Childless
Parents. This money will go to help folks with no children obtain proper counseling to cope with the new
TV season of families with children shows. There is emergency funding for couples who have binge-
watched a TV family series with the beautiful older daughter and the precocious wisecracking sarcastic
young son.

   The pancake-eating contest started at 2 PM in the sweltering afternoon sun. The entry fee was
200 dollars. That keeps out the amateurs who always eat till they stumble behind the barn to turbo-
charge Duncan’s compost pile.

   Junior Bickum won the battle. He finished off 95 skillet-size buttermilk pancakes. The temperature was
hovering around 100, but with the breeze and the low humidity, it only felt like 99 degrees. It ain’t the
heat that gets you, it’s the humidity. It ain’t the pancakes that get you, it’s the syrup.

   Mayor Ringer is gonna present Junior with the Golden, (plated), Skillet once Junior comes out of
his coma.   

   Morton Trubletoof’s uncle, Horton, is single, pushing 50, and shy. Morton asked me, “Do you
think your wife, Punkin, would go out on a practice date with my uncle? It might help him get over his
bashful ways.”

   Surprise, Punkin said yes. I don’t feel real comfortable about this, but Punkin and Horton are going out
to supper to a French-Chinese-Mexican-American restaurant out on Highway 71, Uncle Lee and Claudette’
s Taco Bistro and Burgers.

   Punkin asked me if I was jealous, so I lied to her and said no. I shoulda stopped talking but I added,
“Maybe I’ll take out the new librarian.” She didn’t say nothing. She just brought me the phone and
showed me my life insurance policy company claims phone number on the speed dial. It was speed dial
number one.          

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