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                                       Hogspore Community News
                                                            Clet Litter as told to Bob Simpson
                                                   Valentine’s Day, President’s Day celebrated

     I seen a Valentine’s card that had a picture of a kitten. It said, “My Valentines is my cat.” Yeah, well
     The good folks of Hogspore celerbrated President’s Day yesterday by complaining about everything
they could think of. It didn’t do any good so they all stopped and returned to being the affable and
congenial folks we all love.

     Morton Trubletoof has added another product to his website that sells sand spurs. He is offering to
sell and ship boiled eggs right to his customer’s homes. He got the idea by reading the Wall Street Journal
and trying something he called Diversification. Planned Parenthood has already ordered 500 boiled eggs.
They’re adding them to the vending machines in the employee break room.

     We celerbrated Bring Your Mule to Work Day last Friday. Late Friday night the streets were full of mule
droppings that smelled like my Aunt Merla a week after she died when we found her slumped over the
butter churn in her barn. Doc Muley speculated that the odor in the streets was from some old hay that
all the mules in town had been eating. Nobody ever found out why Aunt Merla smelled so bad cept for
maybe that it was extra hot the week that she passed and she mighta been a lot older than she let on.

     None of the family could eat butter for a year. I don’t know what I would’ve done if she had been lying
on top of a pile of doughnuts. Thank goodness, grandson Benny broke the ice one morning whilst he was
buttering a waffle. We all broke into some raucous laughter when he offered, “Hey, I can’t believe it’s not
Aunt Merla.”

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