Hogspore News                                   
                        by Clet Litter as told to Bob Simpson

        Doc Spicer said, “Clet, I’m not hearing anything positive from
my patients these days. Folks seem to be depressed and negative.
It’s starting to get to me. Some days, the only positive thing about
me is my blood type.”

        Here’s a bit of early Hogspore history. In May 1840, the
United States Cavalry came upon a village of Indians, near the
area where Hogspore was later established. The Army captain
told them to move on. “You must go now. Paleface settlers are
coming. They bring families, cattle, and many bolts of Gingham
and Calico.”

        The Chief asked, "Why should we?”

        The officer replied, “We bring a message from the Great
Father in Washington. He says that you must leave.”

        “Why should we?”     

        The captain assumed from the replies that these folks were
the Whyshoewees, who had split off in the early 1830’s from the
Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boos. He said, “If you don’t depart, we will
kill all of you.”

        The Chief spoke, “We will leave now and file an appeal.”

        Then the cavalry broke into a taunting song: “This used to be
your land, now it’s our land. You don’t own it. We took it from you.
From the redwood picnic benches to the Gulf Stream tourist
beaches. This land was made for non-aborigines.”

        The insulted Native Americans turned and offered some
games of chance to the pony soldiers. Within three hours, the
soldiers had lost all their money, clothes, and horses. Turns out
the Indians hailed from a tribe called the Kaseenos.

        This column donates its proceeds and joins with the
Columbus News-Report’s own continuing support of our troops.


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